Neuma Youth exists to reach young people between the ages of 12 - 18 year olds and disciple them as they transform into the likeness of Christ as they follow Him.

We are discipling the next generation of disciple makers. This generation will be citizens of the Kingdom, empowered in all our Kingdom Culture Values, and found in a relationship with Christ. We are here to help them grow and develop in their God given gifting and talents as they find their calling and serve in the House of God.

Melbourne City, Australia


Location Leader: Ps. Thomas and Kelsey McDonald

Contact: [email protected]

Time: Friday, 7pm – 9:30pm (during school terms)

Location: Neuma Church, 10-12 Griffiths St, Richmond VIC

Melbourne South, Australia


Location Leader: James Moody

Contact: [email protected]

Melbourne West, Australia


Location Leader: Ps. Levi Catalbas

Contact: [email protected]

Time: Meeting fortnightly 7pm onwards (during school terms)

Location: Laverton Community Hub, 95-105 Railway Ave, Laverton 

Melbourne East, Australia


Location Leader: Luke and Liana Pantaloon

Contact: [email protected]

Time: Friday, 7pm – 9pm (during school terms)

Location: 20 Joseph Street, Blackburn VIC

Perth South, Australia


Location Leader: Ps. Jason & Olivia Staggers

Contact: [email protected]

Time: Fortnightly on Friday, 6:30pm – 9pm (during school terms)

Location: Contact for details

Bangkok, Thailand


Location Leader: Ps. Alvin Ng

Contact: [email protected]

Time: Saturday fortnightly, 4pm – 6pm (during school terms)

Location: Contact for details