Welcome - To Sharing Jesus Confidently

Our prayer is that this course will equip and empower you to share the Gospel through your story. It will help you share with others and point them to Jesus. This course has practical elements to help connect your story with His story to share Jesus Confidently with your friends, family, and anyone you run into. 


“There is one way to God through Jesus, but there are many ways people come to Jesus.” 


Here are the simple and easy modules designed to teach you and apply them in your everyday life:


Session 1His Story 

  • Understand His Story and be able to communicate & articulate that.

Session 2Your Story

  • Understand how to construct a timeline of your story and see how your story intersects with His story.

Session 3: His Role

  • Understand the Role of the Holy Spirit in sharing Jesus with your friends, family & co-workers.


Session 4: Your Role 

  • Understand Your Role in sharing Jesus with your friends, family & co-workers.


Session 5: Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Understand how to deal with the obstacles that come our way when sharing Jesus.

We encourage you to participate in this short course wherever you are in your journey. We believe that ‘Making disciples is not optional’, and this course will help you develop how you can go out and make disciples. 


We look forward to hearing your incredible testimonies of how sharing Jesus confidently has impacted someone you have shared with. 


Join Sharing Jesus Confidently today!


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