Corey and Simone Turner

Global Senior Pastors of Neuma Church

Our calling is to lead a move of God’s Spirit across the earth. Our mission is to advance God’s Kingdom across the nations through the local church. 

Corey Turner

Corey loves Jesus and people. His ministry experience includes serving as a youth and young adult pastor, church planter, Victoria Youth Alive Director and itinerant speaker. He is a recognised prophetic voice across the body of Christ and author of several books. His ministry is marked by visionary faith, insightful preaching and moving powerfully in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Simone Turner

Simone loves Jesus and people. She is the spiritual mother of Neuma Church and carries God's heart with authenticity. Simone communicates God’s Word with wisdom and is passionate about seeing people know God intimately and follow Jesus wholeheartedly.